"Safeguard your lifelong investment and move the family business company forward in a strategic manner."

Family Succession Done Right

With 80% of Family Businesses not making it into the next generation, it is important to do the transition right.

J.D. Creaghan Group’s experience and methodology will ensure that the succession plan be executed seamlessly so that both family members and non-family management are confident. We spend the needed time and energy to strategically lead all parties to a successful end point.


Does this sound familiar?

    1. "I'm not sure my daughter really wants to take over the company"
    2. "My parents won't let me handle the day to day operations - I know I'm ready"
    3. "We are always arguing about something"
    4. "Do I sell the business or pass it onto the next generation?"


Strategic Solutions for transitioning business to next generation

    • Practical tools for shifting next generation mindset from EMPLOYEE to LEADER/OWNER
    • Clear answer into leadership potential and readiness
    • Safeguard your legacy and investment by moving the company forward
    • Ensure the RIGHT PERSON is in the RIGHT ROLE

No transition occurs in a vacuum. The company has to be strong enough to handle the transition; the shareholders need to be ready; the non-family management confident and the next generation proven. If all four of these are in unison, the transition can be seamless and organic.

J.D. Creaghan Group creates a customized program using all tools available. We tap into the three step process (Assess ~ Prepare ~ Develop), Leadership Stages Assessment, and TotalLeader® to bring about a successful transition.



Our family succession strategy focusses equally on leadership development of the next generation and strategic business decisions around growth. Discussions will occur which improve the business as a whole.

This ensures a seamless transition for the company as the next generation grows from Employee to Owner.





    • Family Business owners of a large resort find unity to secure the future and grow the business
    • Shareholder's anxiety regarding the next generation is eliminated, resulting in a smooth transition
    • Next generation leaders developed and initiated exciting new visions for their companies
    • HVAC business experiences a seamless succession resulting in multiple times growth in a few short years
    • Owners of a large Trucking firm found rejuvenation and passion for their future


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TotalLEADER® Management Training

Develop Management Leadership to build a high performing culture and manage success.

    1. Improve communication for stronger buy-in on initiatives
    2. Be more strategic in pressure situations
    3. Improve day to day effectiveness with teams
    4. Use the strategies for all aspects of life
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LeadershipStages Assessment

LeadershipStages Answers:

    • What is the bench strength of your management team?
    • Do you have the leadership potential to grow the company?
    • Do you have an efficient way to guide your leadership team forward?

Leadership Stages is a complete assessment of a leader’s behaviour, while also providing a “how-to” road map to assist your management and teams in their growth. It takes the guess work out leadership development and succession planning.

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"Trust yourself, Trust others, Trust the process."